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From Where Can I Rent My Wedding Dress

By Richa Sahni

You can’t try the dress on and alteration options are limited. But when you want to put your best fashion foot forward at a wedding or fancy event, its worth considering a rental.

where can I rent my wedding dress-plan your wedding

Getting dressed every day can be a struggle in itself, but figuring out what to wear for a formal occasion is when the panic really starts to settle in. And given the onslaught of dressy events that occur during our lifespan, from farewells to office parties to weddings galas, dropping stacks of money on a dress that you'd only wear once—maybe twice—doesn't seem like the smartest move, from a financial and a closet space-saving POV. Have a closet full of clothes, and yet nothing nice to wear? Here’s a solution: book it, rent it, wear it, and return it. It’s a great option for those who do not wish to buy expensive clothes used only during special occasions. After using it, the dress is sent back and the companies even take care of the dry-cleaning. Some companies charge a small deposit amount along with the dress.

Who wants to buy and waste it when you can rent and fake it? Yes, we’re talking about those blingy outfits that you enthusiastically buy for family/close weddings and then royally ignore for years. This means no more, “Oh no, I have nothing nice to wear”.

Hit these awesome places that’ll let you rent sparkly and designer clothes, along with baubles to match:

Swishlist - It is all about keeping your look fresh and your closet ever expanding. Swishlist is an ode to all the Carries out there... it’s an ode to fashion! It has a stunning list of international and homegrown designers. Think of Swishlist as an extension of your own wardrobe - Have fun with top of the line designer wear, reinvent your style as often as you like and experiment with that hot new look you've had your eye on! Also, they will deliver your final outfits to your doorstep.

Rent here:

Stage 3 - From classic sarees and chic saree gowns, to designer elegant dresses for the crazy bachelorette party, Stage3 allows you to rent for up to a week by offering a lot of convenient services – try at home, personal stylists, and home delivery.

Rent here:

Wrapd – They are the luxury dress rental destination offering clothes on rent for all of life’s special occasions and reasonable rental price. Rent partywear clothes and wedding dresses in 4 easy steps and wear the dresses you dream of. Order online or book from any of their stores. They will deliver the dress to you at your home, at your office, or wherever you want – custom fitted by their masters. All you have to do is have fun in that dress and return to them when done.

Rent here:

The Clothing Rental - Dolling up people is their forte! They open doors to one of the biggest fashion libraries in the country. The Clothing Rental is known to be a secret destination for professionals from the glamour industry. Apart from sourcing garments from the most basic brands, this service also allows you to rent out original brands from their New York buying office.

Rent here:

Liberent - With a rental period spread over three days, you can rent a garment from LibeRent with no additional security deposit whatsoever. The fashion rental service makes alterations according to the measurements you give them. What’s best is, they also allow a trial before the date of rental for an additional amount of Rs 350.

Rent here:

Peep into your wardrobe and sift through the stacks of clothing you have in that closet. Notice that dress you bought last year, the one you promised to fit into in a month? And what about that piece, which has worked its way to the end of your cupboard without you realising it exists? Now think about the number of times you’ve uttered: What do I wear today? Or the moolah you’ve spent on these modish pieces. Frankly, everyone is guilty of hoarding pieces in their wardrobes they either lose interest in or maybe even forget about. And that’s why the need of the hour is fashion rental services. Because why spend on something when you can rent it out?

 Where can you rent bridal dresses in Delhi -



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